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Log date: 28th December 2020 - New book "50 ST Games you have to play", a special 35th Anniversary book - available to order today!

Log date: 22nd December 2020 - Added page for the new book "50 ST Games you have to play", a special 35th Anniversary book - available to order on the 28th December.

Log date: 26th November 2020 - Sold Out of Volume Two of We Love Atari.  Next print run in Q2 2021.

Log date: 3rd August 2020 - Updated the store interface

Log date: 1st August 2020 - Website updated and SSL certificate added to the website ( 

:: New product added :: Beautiful A5 artisan greeting cards with copies direct from original prints from Patricia Gallagher Morris.  You can read more about them here.

:: New product added :: Goodie pack (series one).  To help support my current and future products I thought about a way I could give something back to those who help me.  I've put together a bundle of great looking acrylic stickers (and sometimes the odd magnet, badge etc) for Atari enthusiasts, each pack has 16 items.  You can read more about them here.

What is Zafinn Books?

I always wanted to publish a book about Atari. Something I could grab off my bookshelf and read anytime about the history and products of this famous electronics pioneer, which captured a lot of my childhood and more. The company is fascinating, and had gone through many transformations in its short history, but boy, did it make an impact. It seemed there were always books about Apple, IBM, Sony, Commodore and many others, but never Atari, so I put one (actually two!) books together for enthusiasts and collectors. I have been collecting and studying the company for over 35 years.

What else do you have planned?

I have plans for some further book projects, but self-publishing is an expensive and procarious business. Some other items will also be available on the website in the future, some which will help fund future projects.

Anything else going on?  You can check out a website I put together about another tech company called Gateway2000.  It was a PC manufacturer which began operations in 1985 and eventually sold to Acer in 2007.  Click here to view.

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